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    Join the vaping movement at the loudest party for vaping lovers - VAPEXPO-2016 MOSCOW


    Don't you know what vape is? Maybe you have been vaping everywhere for a long time, haven’t you?

    Come and experience the atmosphere of a cool party dedicated to the vaping movement.

    VAPEXPO-2016 MOSCOW is the third international specialized exhibition and conference on electronic inhalers, which will take place in Moscow on June 24-25, 2016.

    Vape is a refusal of the harmful smoke and a transition to the safe and delicious vaping. Today, it is a movement of electronic inhaler fans, who are passionate about vaping and consider it not only as the opportunity to give up the habit, but also as the art. VAPEXPO-2016 MOSCOW will prove it to you!

    At the event, you can learn all about the vape industry. The venue will feature manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and liquids, so everyone will be able to test and try novelties of vape industry.

    In addition, the organizers have prepared for the exhibition guests a rich show program:

    · Cloud chasing contest

    · Selection of the vaping queen

    · Workshops

    · Competition for the best liquid

    VAPEXPO-2016 MOSCOW is the third unique exhibition in Moscow dedicated to the vaping industry. The event organizer Smile-Expo has made VAPEXPO a key event not only for vapers from Russia but for all over the CIS.

    The last exhibition was attended by 80 companies from the vaping sphere and 4,000 visitors, who filled an area equal to the stadium! Since the last date of VAPEXPO MOSCOW, the number of participants has doubled, and the organizers are not going to stop there.

    Therefore, all visitors of VAPE EXPO-2016 MOSCOW will have a chance to:

    1. Win valuable prizes from exhibiting companies

    2. Participate in the cloud contest or just enjoy the spectacle

    3. View the trick show

    4. Meet with representatives of vaping hangouts

    5. Test the industry novelties

    6. Visit workshops on vaping

    7. Communicate with top bloggers

    8. Learn how to open your own vaping shop

    9. Spread information about your brand

    10. Communicate with speakers representing the top companies in the industry and receive answers you need.

    VAPEXPO-2016 MOSCOW will demonstrate that vaping can become not only a great way to give up a bad habit, but also be turned into a hobby or even a way of life.

    For business audience, the exhibition will include a professional conference. The invited experts will answer all questions about the state regulation of the industry, as well as talk about the possibilities of sale of e-inhalers in the CIS market.

    For those who consider himself or herself a part of the vaping movement or just want to join this community, VAPEXPO-MOSCOW 2016 will serve as an opportunity to immerse into the atmosphere of real vaping.

    Thus, gather friends, prepare your devices and buy tickets to VAPEXPO-2016 MOSCOW, which will be held on 24-25 June in Moscow!


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