Vandy Vape Kylin M Pro RTA - Large Capacity Still Great Flavor

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    The Vandy Vape Kylin M Pro RTA Rebuildable Tank Vape Atomizer provides a large 8.0ml bubble grass to refill the vape juice that offers the simplest and most sanitary way by its top filling system, have a long vaping session is a piece of cake. It also pondering its anti-Leak design to further prevent leakage. It exudes elegance with its meticulous and crafted mouthpiece, paired with its top airflow ring, you will have an awesome and exciting throat hit and vaping experience. Kylin M Pro RTA accepts a range of M class coils that generates a massive vapor.

    The Pro Kylin M RTA has large juice capacity in a compact construction. It brings the excellent flavor and superb experience of KYLIN M.
    The Vandy Vape kylin m pro RTA and Kylin M RTA are almost the same size. Kylin M Pro increases the e-liquid volume to 8mL by engraving the cnc inside the hardware, which greatly increses the e-liquid storage capacity.

    The kylin M Pro has top airflow intak, anti-leaking. Kylim M Pro has a wide range of the mesh style coils in different resistance for different user's habits. With easy building deck, the pro one brings excellent flavor as the kylin M.

    Size: 33.35mm (H) x 24.22mm (D)
    Capacity: 6.0ml / 8.0ml
    Large Juice Capacity
    Compact Size
    Top Filling
    Top Airflow
    Anti-Leak Design
    Coils: M Class Coils
    8.0ml large juice capacity in a compact construction
    Top airflow intake, anti-leaking
    Long service life and replaceable mesh coil
    Easy building methods
    Top refilling system

    More details for Kylin M Pro, please check >>

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