ULTON Epic Xent Clone RTA Vape Atomizer All-in-One Full Kit

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    The Xent RTA Clone All-in-One Full Kit by Ulton is a noble and very tasteful rebuildable vaporizer.

    The Xent RTA comes with a diameter of 23 mm and is compatible with most of the mods. With its 3ml capacity, the Epic Xent RTA offers enough space for liquids. With the supplied tank extension, the capacity can be expanded to 6 ml.

    The "Post" -design deck is attached just below the tank. A wide variety of wire and mesh windings can be installed very easily on these through the wire holders and clamping plates. The Xent All in one cllone can be used for DL windings as well as MTL windings and mesh windings. In order to enable an even flow of liquid, there are 3 liquid holes on both sides of the Xent RTA. In the Xent MTL, the liquid flow can also be limited with an O-ring.

    More details for this RTA, please check >> https://www.3fvape.com/50000-ulton-epic-xent-style-rta.html

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