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    Hello, everyone!

    Good news! We released a new RDA. Let's enjoy some pictures.



    That is the Kaees Alexander RDA. Do you like it? Want more details? Please check below.

    The KAEES ALEXANDER RDA is a combination of advanced rebuildable atomizer features, incorporating a postless build deck, precision airflow control, and is equipped with a 6mm deep juice well that can be supplemented with the bottom feed squonk pin for a great vape that can conquer all. The KAEES Alexander RDA comes with a postless build deck in the shape of a lotus leaf, drawing inspiration from nature, lending 4 terminal openings at the base of the elevated build deck, side secured via hex screws. This allows for a single or dual coil installation, depending on the preference of the user or builder. In addition, the airflow inlet is located on the side of the mid cap, featuring four 5mm by 1.5mm airflow inlets, arranged in a square stacked pattern. These airflow inlets can be fully closed or opened to find an appropriate airflow preference. This allows airflow to enter and is then throttled through a second set of honeycomb style airflows that vent directly to the coil structures below in a top and side fashion. Equipped with a 6mm deep juice well, the Alexander RDA can go quite some time without dripping but can be connected to a squonker box mod to increase the length between refills and making dripping easy through the bottom fed squonking line.

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