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    Hello Contact Support,

    I would like to know how to edit my original post titled: RIP-OFF AND FRAUD ALERT! - from last Friday. I have some crow to eat and would rather do it publicly on the original thread rather than simply deleting and crawling away like a troll. If editing is not possible then I would like to request that the entire post and related threads be deleted instead?

    It has come to pass that there was never any fraud or rip-off associated with my transaction. Both parties were at the mercy of outside agencies beyond our control. The transaction has now been settled to the satisfaction of both parties however the original post remaining can affect the vendors business and should be deleted and/or changed to reflect resolution. Please let me know if this is justification enough for the forum administrator to delete or allowing editing of the original the post?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance,

    Will G.


    From Baton Rouge, LA - I initially ordered the Kangertech Subox Mini Starter Kit ($49.99) from through PayPal on January 14, 2016. The funds were deducted from my PayPal account the same day. When placing the order the items showed in stock at their US Warehouse but after checking the post-order tracking number I discovered that the items were actually being shipped from China and not from the US Warehouse. I emailed the company’s customer support contact 'David' and was initially told they were out of stock at the US Warehouse so the order was rerouted to their China distributer (without my approval). David said to wait 5-7 working days for delivery. I also requested a support contact phone number and was not offered any telephone number to call. David did offer me a 10% off coupon code on my next purchase…wow!

    A week later after no delivery I emailed David again and was told to wait a few more days. After a few more days I emailed David again and was told wait even longer. Over the next 2+ weeks the USPS tracking number I was given continued to show 'Originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece' still in China with no other activity since the order was first placed. It's now over two weeks (16 days) later with no delivery or tracking updates and David the support agent is no longer replying to my emails. I am now disputing the transaction through PayPal and requesting a full refund and the order be cancelled.

    If you enjoy the aggravation and hassle of ordering from an online store and never receiving your product then you might want to try If you would rather deal with a legitimate company that operates with honesty and integrity then I suggest staying far away from at all costs. All I can say at this point is thank goodness for PayPal transaction dispute.

    Review follow-up…Interestingly enough, while doing some post-transaction research concerning I came across another customer with a similar experience to mine. The parallels are almost exactly the same and even the customer support agent ‘David’ was involved (link provided below & reviews at bottom of webpage)…

    Oh and I still have yet to receive any additional email replies from customer support agent David. It seems just like Elvis…ole David has left the building.
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