KSL Vapor Hibou MTL Tank RBA Available

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    The KSL Vapor HIBOU is a MTL vaping tank atomizer.

    Vaping in MTL means to first take a puff of vape in your mouth, before inhaling, similar to a traditional cigarette.

    Because we can count a considerable number of e-liquids on the market, the HIBOU Tank is supplied with 2 coils of different values adapted to the liquid of your choice.

    The 0.6ohm coil KSL Vapor Hibou Replacement Coil is suitable for vaping e-liquids with a nicotine level ranging from 0mg to 12mg and a wattage set between 15W and 23W.

    The KSL Vapor Hibou Replacement coil 1.2ohm is suitable for vaping e-liquids with a high nicotine level often ranging from 20W to 40mg/ml (also known as nicotine salts) with a wattage set between 7W and 11W.

    An RBA is also provided for vapers wishing to build their own coil on the KSL Vapor HIBOU MTL Tank and therefore enjoy a vape tailored to their liking.

    The HIBOU MTL Tank can be plugged onto any box that allows you to set the wattage manually.

    510 threading connection
    5 Air-flow Positions
    Coils HIBOU: 1.2ohm / 0.6ohm
    Top Filling
    Capacity: 2ml
    Material stainless steel and plexi glass
    Diameter: 22mm
    More details for this KSL Hibou MTL Tank, please check >> https://www.3fvape.com/53442-ksl-vapor-hibou-mtl-tank-vape-atomizer-2ml-.html

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