How to Distinguish Which Good Squonk mods and kits are?

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    For experienced vapers, I believe that they grasp the list of great quality devices and poor devices. And they share their feeling and experience on vaping. For newbie, they will search for a lot of information about vaping included good products and poor products as well as vaping skill. To distinguish good squonk devices, you have to read this page to learn about which good squonk mods and kits are.

    Dovpo Topside 90w Squonk Mod 10ml


    It is collaboration between famous reviewer and popular brand supplier. It fits vapers much more, and it was created according reviewer’s vaping experience and feeling. It is up to 90W, not too big and not too small, it is right wattage for experienced vapers and newbies.

    Desire Encom Rage Squonk Box Mod 155W


    Rage Squonk Box Mod, max output is 155W, and it is very popular. It is easy to operate and use.

    Nikola Niagara 200w Squonk Kit


    New brand Nikola Niagara Squonk Kit, max output is 200W. Powered by dual 18650 batteries, the chip features VW/VV.

    Vandy Vape Pulse X Squonk Kit


    Up to 90W, Pulse X Squonk Kit is powered by 21700 batteries also can be powered by 18650 and 20700 batteries.

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