Dovpo Clutch x18 By Signature Mods & Mike Vapes

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    Today brings the Dovpo Clutch x18 Dual 18650 Mechnical Mod By Signature Mods & Mike Vapes.

    Dovpo Clutch x18 is the most anticipated parallel mechanical mod created by the top leaders of the industry, Signature Tips, and YouTube reviewer Mike Vapes. And made by DOVPO. It has tons of safety features first for any parallel type mechanical mods! Note that this is a mechanical mod device and should only be used by experienced vapers.
    Mike Vapes & DOVPO & Signature Mods Clutch X18 Features:
    Hybrid 510 connection
    Solid silver contacts
    Unique locking system for safety
    Fine Shot Blasted & Anodised
    Machined from Solid Billet Aluminium
    Commercial Grade 3D Printed Internal Sled
    Dual 18650 parallel
    Fused Protection for battery safety
    Locking Mechanism
    Two sets of doors 25mm & 28mm
    5x fuses included
    Solid Fuse Bridge included

    Details for this Dovpo X18, please check >>

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