Direct Lung vape! Original Exvape eXpromizer TCM DL RDTA

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    Hi, guys! Welcome to New Product Introduction! I have a question: do you need a RDTA at present? Today let me introduce you one RDTA named Original Exvape eXpromizer TCM DL RDTA. Now let’s take a closer look at the RDTA below.

    The Exvape eXpromizer TCM DL RDTA is the self-winding vaporizer from EXvape which is constructed from Stainless Steel (body), Glass (tank tube), and POM (drip tip) in 25mm Diameter, it is specially designed for direct lung vape. It features large 7.0ml e-liquid capacity with top filling way and top airflow system, the airflow will hit the coil directly to bring you the amazing flavor.
    The EXpromizer TCM is the first self-winding vaporizer from EXvape, which is designed for vaping for direct lung inhalation (DL). It is a top coiler vaporizer, whereby the liquid is directed from the lower tank to the cotton wool via the capillary action of stainless steel wicks.
    The winding deck has two clamping jaws, to which you can simply attach a screen coil or mesh coil by screwing. The air flow holes at an angle on both sides lead the air supply directly to the coil.
    The EXpromizer TCM is filled with Liuqid via a side fill system. By rotating the top cap, the airflow opening is positioned over the fill opening in order to fill the tank. The liquid tank can be filled with up to 7 ml of liquid.
    Due to the design of the evaporator and the installation of the air supply at the top, the EXpromizer TCM is a leak-proof system.


    Main Features:
    Specially designed for Direct Lung vape
    The first self-winding vaporizer from EXvape
    Top filling and top airflow system without leakage
    Large 7.0ml e-liquid capacity for long-lasting vape

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