5AVape Melampous Plus Simply RTA Clone

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    The 5AVape Melampous Plus Simply RTA Clone is a 22mm rebuildable vape atomizer. The GUS Melampous Plus Simply RTA 5AVape clone is with liquid adjustment, top refill and the airflow adjustment takes place through the rotation of the tank.

    5AVape is a new manufacture who is bringing good quality products on mods and atomizers recently.

    Diameter : 22,00 mm.
    Length : 44,00
    Material : SS361L
    Capacity : 4 ml
    Connector : 510
    Top fill design.

    More details for this MTL RTA, please check >> https://www.3fvape.com/50492-5avape-melampous-plus-simply-style-rta.html

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