First MAAT Tank Voopoo MAAT Sub-Ohm Tank

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    Voopoo MAAT Sub-Ohm Tank is the first patented MAAT Tank in Vape Industry. MAAT Tank is designed as middle adjustable airflow with bottom airflow make-up, which brings smooth & rich flavors experience. Voopoo MAAT Tank adopts PNP design, it is convenient to reload the coils & simple to clean up. MAAT Sub-Ohm Tank will bring you a brand new experience to change the coils via plugging & unplugging. It is easier to change coils without juice wasted or dirty hands, simple to clean up after changing the coils, e-liquid saving & worry saving. Besides, Voopoo MAAT Sub-Ohm Tank adopts coils burnt-out prevention which create healthier & better flavors experience. Semi-faded juice storage design can prevent coils burnt-out while the juice seems used out. Triple holes Air Intake design is also good for a smoother & bigger cloud. With a deep breath, a flavorful big cloud directly into lung from the throat makes you an extreme vaping.


    Get Voopoo MAAT Subohm Tank Now >> $39.99


    Middle adjustable airflow design with bottom airflow make-up, brings smooth & rich flavors experience

    Simple & fast to reload coils with brand new juice restored design, e-liquid & worry saving

    Coils Burnt-out Prevention, Healthier & Better Flavors Experience

    Triple Holes Air Intake Design for Smoother & Richer Taste

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