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    Furyan Mech Squonker features a mechanical bottom feeder mod design with the option of utilizing a single 18650/20700/21700 battery platform. Designed for professional and high-end vapers, the Furyan delivers a balance of power and functional with ULTEM plastic for a light yet durable construction. The bottom-feeding mechanism is creatively implemented onto the Furyan Squonker, located at the bottom section parted with the battery tube that houses a 9.0 ML soft silicone squonk bottle for convenient access and presentable integration. You can get it with $75.95 from Urvapin, just following this link: Lostvape furyan Squonk Mod.


    Paranormal DNA250C is the latest edition of the Paranormal platform equipped with Evolv’s highly advanced DNA250C chipset. Powered by dual 18650 vape batteries and providing a maximum output of 200W, this version features a full colour screen; the 'C' in its name. The Paranormal DNA250C can read a variety of wire types, including Nickel, Stainless Steel, and Titanium, and also combinations of temperature and non-temperature sensing coils, such as a Kanthal and Titanium combo wrap. Also featured is the USB On-The-Go mode, which allows the DNA250C to act as a powerbank for emergency charging of other devices. You can get it with $147.99 from Urvapin, just following this link: Lostvape Paranormal DNA250C Mod.


    Lost Vape Triade DNA250C 300W Box Mod is the ultimate representation of Evolv's latest DNA250C chipset, presenting a modern and futuristic rendition of the triple 18650 structural architecture with attention-to-details in designs and craftsmanship. The Triade DNA250 integrates Evolv's most powerful DNA 250 Color Chipset, featuring a series of innovative functionality - Wattage Control, Temperature Protection, Replay Function, Boost Mod, Preheat, and Onboard Programmable Multicolor LED. Powered by triple 18650 batteries (sold separately), the Triade DNA250C can fire up to a staggering 300W of maximum output. Fully upgraded in performance while retaining the pinnacle of designs in reconfigurable devices, the Lost Vape Triade DNA250C is the ultimate flagship output technology. You can booking it with $146.99 from Urvapin, just following this link: Lost Vape Triade DNA250C Mod.


    Lost Vape Orion is powered by Evolv's customizable DNA Go chipset, maintaining the fully sophisticated customizable adjustments, power regulations, and precise output modes Evolv have come to known for. Managed by a responsive bottom adjustment button with corresponding LED lights, the Lost Vape Orion has three standard output: Low (White Light), Medium (Blue Light), and High (Red Light). An additional function is added to the device, Replay Functionality, allowing users to precisely save the most recent desired output for future firing level. Internally, the Lost Vape Orion 40W features an internal 950mAh rechargeable battery with a discreet microUSB port located at the bottom of the device.You can booking it with $62.9 from Urvapin, just following this link: Lost Vape Orion AIO Kit.


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