Best mech kit/mods Deals: VGod, CKS Fujin 24 and Steelvape

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    Featured with appealing appearance, the Steel Vape Sebone Mech Mod Kit is consisted of two parts, RDA and mod. Its integrality is pretty strong that vapers would not like to tear themselves from it. It is processed with stoving varnish technology and the carved dragon scald pattern on it is extremely lifelike. It comes in multiple colors, silver, black, yellow, red and green. It’s comfortable to handle it and very pleasing to eyes. If you’re looking for a complete mech setup, this just might be the nicest one out there in this price range. You can get it with $49.75 from Urvapin, just following this link: Steel vape Sebone Mech Kit


    VGOD Pro Mech Mod is a hybrid mechanical tube mod and affordable vaping device, but still offering solid performance. It is comfortable to hold, and best of all there’s no copper smell on your hands! In addition, the button texture adds a nice touch, and the self adjusting gold plated battery contact is definitely a huge pro, as it makes battery rattle non-existent without you having to do any adjusting! The Firing Button used on the VGOD Mech Mod is constructed of Aerospace grade Carbon Fibre with a Self Adjusting Gold Plated contact to ensure constant, strong connectivity as well as minimising your tampering time when switching batteries! You can get it with $48.75 from Urvapin, just following this link: VGOD Pro Mech Mod


    The VGOD Pro Mech kit 2 has established it self as the worlds leading mech kit! Combining brilliant design with cutting edge innovation providing you an unbeatable combination! The VGOD Pro Mech 2 features the grenade appearance that increases the friction with your hand, not any slip problem. Paired with the VGOD ELITE RDA, you can experience the quick-fire speed vape. Boasting unique aesthetics and innovation, the PRO Mech 2 introduces a CNC machined Delrin comfort touch chassis and the consistent firing of the TriCon switch system. You can get it with $87.85 from Urvapin, just following this link: VGOD Pro Mech 2 kit.


    CKS & Aria Built are proud to announce that the Fujin is back…but this time it's a 24mm!. The Fujin 24 features an 18650 stainless steel tube with a beautiful, black PVD finish that showcases the Japanese God of Wind himself in a two-tone matte and gloss finish. The gold-plated hybrid 510 connection provides improved conductivity as well as superior corrosion resistance to the device's most important contact point. Inside the chassis, the gold-plated firing switch artistically embossed with a Fujin symbol is supporting by highly durable epoxy-coated magnets providing opposing force to the silver-plated brass contact. The Fujin 24 is a high-performance, functional piece of art, and is a stunning addition to any collection. The Fujin 24 Mech was clearly designed by CKS and Aria to be not only a top-notch device endowed with only the most impressive of features, but also an expertly crafted boon to any mechanical vaper's collection. You can get it with $109.75 from Urvapin, just following this link: Fujin 24 Mech Mod by CKS & Aria


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