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    List of vaping advocacy groups:

    AVA (American Vaping Association) is a nonprofit organization focusing on positive media advocacy for vaping.

    CASAA (Consumer Advocacy for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association) is the most widely known advocacy non-profit organization campaigning on the behalf of users.

    ECIG (Electronic Cigarette Industry Group) is a nonprofit association of eCig consumers, manufacturers, importers, and distributors. provides you an easy communications tool to provide your thoughts and comments directly to the FDA, your Congressman, your Senators, and to those Committee Members in Congress who will be reviewing and approving the regulations.

    KAVA (Kentucky Association of Vaping Advocacy) KAVA's goal is to unite the voice of the vaping community, protect vaper's rights, actively oppose all unfair taxation and labeling ecig's as tobacco.

    MNVA (The Minnesota Vapers Advocacy) The Minnesota Vapers Advocacy has a very strict set of guiding principles. We understand and support common sense regulations that don’t result in far reaching bans of a product that has been proven safer than smoking and safe to bystanders in countless studies. We believe that these regulations are being made out of fear and are based on rhetoric.

    NOTBlowingSmoke Following the launch of NOTBlowingSmoke , we were surprised at the magnitude of support from both from industry leaders and consumers. To say that the success of the initial campaign was overwhelming is an understatement! In fact, support for this project gave way to demand for a platform that seamlessly integrates the spirit of continued education, public awareness and visibility for the ongoing challenges faced at state and municipal levels for industry stakeholders and consumers.

    SFATA (Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association) serves as an educational and lobbying resource for manufacturers, wholesalers, retail sellers, and distributors of eCigs.

    TVECA (Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association) educates the media, legislators, and consumers on vaping research.

    VAPING MILITIA The Vaping Militia is committed to protecting the rights and health of vapors by advocating for safe public use of personal vaporizers. We strongly believe and promote peaceful and professional activism/advocacy.

    VISTA (Vaping Industry Strategic Truth Alliance) is a nationwide non-profit corporation formed in April 2014 that supports and advocates, on a state by state level, for the rights of retailers and wholesalers (both online and traditional) in the United States who offer less harmful alternative nicotine delivery devices to adult consumers instead of proven lethal tobacco products.
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    Really useful list, thanks.
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    Great. I'll have to research some of these organizations.
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