Vaping Alaska w/Innokin Itaste MVP3 PRO 60W VV/VW MOD

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    Innokin MVP3.0 VV/VW MOD:

    As usual, let me start off by saying that this unit was sent to me to review for you. I will give my honest opinion about this product, good or bad….so let’s go!

    First thing I noticed was this MOD has some weight to it. I really like heavier MODS, and this one feels good in my hand. There is very little rattle in the bottom buttons, and I mean very little. It has the charging port on the front, so no need to take your tank off when charging. It has a 4500mah internal battery, pushing out 60W, so it will give you hours of vaping time. I am a big fan of internal battery devices, because you don’t take a bunch of batteries and a charger in the woods with you, or when you are traveling. You end up losing the batteries, and I personally haven’t seen a USB battery charger. I’m sure there is one being made, but the less you have to keep track of in the woods, the better. Also, mark your charging cable, and make sure you always use the cable given with the device when charging. This unit also features a USB port on the bottom to use as a charging device for your cell phone or other devices. It also has a built in Micro USB cable on the bottom as well. There is a light that changes color from GREEN to yellow, then to Red depending on battery life. With a standard outdoor charging unit like a Goal Zero Nomad7 solar panel, or Power Pot, pushing out 1A at least, this device will take about 5-6 hours to charge fully.

    This unit is a little different from the rest, only taking three clicks of the fire button to turn on and off. Also, the numbers are nice and big on the screen for those with eye issues. It is very simple to use, so it is for any level vaper. By holding the plus button down for a few seconds, it will go into power mode. It will go from 6-60W, in five watt increments. By holding down the minus button for a couple of seconds, it will go into voltage mode. It Ranges from 3-9v in .1 volt increments. One of the coolest features is Innokins “vape while charging” feature. It’s nice to be able to still grab a vape while your device is charging. This is one of those devices you can’t just think of as a MOD. Having the ability to use this device as a power bank makes this mod a very nice unit to have in anyone’s arsenal.

    All of my 22mm tanks fit flush in this unit, and throw out the clouds. This is one of the first products I have tried from Innokin, and let me say I hope it’s not the last! If the rest of their higher wattage devices work as well and are built as nice as this one, it’s going to be exciting! So let’s take a look at the specs, and see where you can get yours!

    Here are a few places to get one for yourself:$54.95$54.99$66.67$71.20$74.95

    Innokin Has released the iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro Express Kit to Add to Their Legendary MVP Line Now with a Sizeable 4500 mAh Integrated Battery, and 60 Watts of power!

    The iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro has been upgraded from top to bottom with impressive specifications making the iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro the perfect starter device for new vapers, but also a worthy addition to the seasoned vaper's rotation. The variable voltage feature can be adjusted from 3.0v to 9.0v in increments of .1 volts, while the variable wattage feature can be adjusted from 6.0 to 60 watts, doubling the power of its predecessor, and with an ohm cutoff of .2 ohms can run the most popular Sub-Ohm Tanks in the industry! Utilizing VRMS DC current, power deviation is held within .1 watts for an incredibly accurate and consistent vape every time. The rich OLED screen is now integrated to accompany the new chipset, providing full readouts for battery life, output and ohm reading. The battery life has been substantially increased to a 4500 mAh integrated battery to ensure all day vape potential, a significant upgrade from the MVP 3.0. The 510 how has a spring loaded, brass positive contact ensuring easy and constant contact with all standard atomizers, with an included Ego adapter for use with compatible tanks. The construction of the MVP 3.0 Pro has durability and a 22mm flush fitting bezel in mind all while encased in a sturdy aluminum case. An integrated Micro USB cable at the base gives the MVP 3.0 Pro ultimate usability as a portable power source, charging your favorite devices from massive battery bank without the need to carry any additional cables. Pass-through capability allows for simultaneous charging and vaping, with a speedy 1A charge current for low downtime. The iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro Express Kit comes in seven great finishes: Silver, Fuchsia, Black, Blue, White, Baby Blue and Gold!

    The feature-stacked iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro Express Kit by Innokin Technology is the perfect device combining superb quality craftsmanship and affordability right out of the box.

    What's in the Box:

    • 1 x Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0
    • 1 x USB Charger Cable
    • 1 x Ego Adapter
    • 1 x User Manual

    iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro Product Features:

    • Built-in 4500 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery
    • Variable Voltage: 3.0V - 9.0V in 0.1 volt increments
    • Variable Wattage: 6.0W - 60.0W, 0.5 watt increments
    • Standby current: 200uA max
    • Maximum output Wattage: 60W
    • Maximum output Current: 17.5A
    • Maximum output Voltage: 9V
    • Clearomizer Resistance: 0.2 ohm (minimum)
    • Utilizes VRMS DC Current - Power deviation is held within .1 watts
    • New chipset
    • OLED Screen providing full readouts for battery life, output and ohm reading
    • Remembers last voltage or wattage setting
    • 510 spring loaded, brass positive contact
    • Stainless steel threading
    • Integrated Micro USB Cable at the base
    • Output port: DC5v/1A

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