Solar Sirius - The RDA That Glows

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    Hello hello! Welcome to BombVapes vaping hardware and e-liquid reviews, I hope you enjoy your stay. Up today, the Solar Sirius RDA (rebuildable dripping atomiser) from Queen of Vapes via Vaping UK App.

    Built on the well-known Kennedy 22 RDA platform, the Solar Sirius RDA doesn't exactly change a whole lot. It doesn't meddle with the posts, it leaves the airflow well alone. In fact, the Solar Sirius is indeed the very same RDA, but with a couple of differences.

    The differences? A stylish glass top cap and the inclusion of a bright green LED. I know it's not a massive change, and some may see the inclusion of an LED slightly pointless, but hey, it's whimsical, and that's something we could all do with once in a while.

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