Innokin ENDURA T18 Complete Vaping System

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    Let me start by saying this item was sent to me for review for you. I will always give my honest opinion on these products good or bad…..So let’s go!!!

    This one is for all you out there who are thinking about getting into vaping, or aren’t happy with the device you have now. You know that adage “YOU DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER”? Well, for me I guess I should have listened. I personally am not a fan beginner kits because it usually takes a lot of effort to get a descent draw off of most of them. And let me be clear, I am talking 1.5ohm ego style units that most of us started on. The leaky, gurgling little bastards that pissed us off for so long before vaping really took off. You know what I’m talking about….don’t ya! A lot of people still start on these because they aren’t sure about the big clouds, or they just don’t want to carry a large device around. Any way you put it Innokin has the solution for all beginners and those who occasionally like that style of vaping.

    The new ENDURA T18 Complete Vaping System will change what you think about those small ego style units. With an innovative new coil that stops leaking, gurgling, AND dry hits, and a new top fill tank, this little unit will impress even the most non-believers! Their new coil design is around two inches long with holes all the way around from top to bottom. They put the coil at the top, so now the heat is away from the base where all your leaking previously occurred. With Japanese Organic cotton running from top to bottom, these coils will keep you vaping well after your tank runs dry. Turning the unit on and off is very simple with three clicks of the fire button. They have incorporated their colored LED system into the fire button so you know the status of your battery. Green is fully charged, yellow being half full, and red meaning it needs to be charged. And did I mention it has a 1000mah internal battery with a micro USB port cleverly hidden on the bottom by a rotating cover. Running 14w regulated, this device gives you a nice warm vape with a good amount of vapor without much effort at all. No more feeling like you’re going to swallow the device because you’re drawing so hard. Because of the design of this new coil, it is an effortless draw that is great tasting, and very satisfying.

    So now that I am done with MY opinion, let me show you the specs on this kit, and what comes in the package. I will also have links to pictures of this unit, and links to where you can buy one for yourself.

    Pics of this product:

    Where to buy:

    Product Features:

    • 18mm Diameter
    • 1000 mah High Efficiency Integrated Battery
    • 14W of Regulated Output
    • Single Button Operation
      • Surrounding LED Light
      • Feedback on Battery Life
    • 2.5ml Tank Capacity
    • Prism Technology
      • Superior Flavor Recreation
      • 1.5 ohm Coil
    • Top Fill System
    • Magnetized Swivel USB Port
    • Standard 510 Threading

    Product Includes:

    • Endura T18 1000mah
    • T18 Tank
      • One Extra 1.5 ohm Coil
      • Tip Included
    • Charging Cable
    • Plastic Desk Stand
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