Innokin Cool Fire IV PLUS KIT w/Isub G tank 70W VV/VW

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    This product was sent to me for review for you. As always, I will give you MY honest opinion about this product, good or bad….so let’s go!!

    This is the upgraded version of the original Cool Fire IV which I personally am a big fan of. Now with 70 watts of power, and a 3300mah internal battery, you can run all of your favorite tanks and RDA’s down to .1 ohms, and up to 3.5 ohms.

    What I like about these mods is that they’re very ergonomic in your hand. They are very compact and carry very easily when you’re out and about. They also ramp up with only around a 1 second delay if that. The biggest thing I have been impressed with is the battery cells Innokin has been using in their products. With this unit I was able to vape with a mutation x rda, running double coils, and reading about .33 ohms a day and a half without charging. Now, the way I vape is take a few puffs and set it down for 10-15 min. So someone chain vaping will not get as much battery time. All of the buttons are nice and quiet, but very reactive when you press them. They have kept they’re signature colored LED system to let you know the condition of your battery, without having to look at the screen. Again, this device has their “Vape while charging” feature, so while charging your device you can keep on vaping on your favorite juice! This unit like their others is easy to operate. With three clicks of the fire button to turn the device on and off, and large bright numbers on the OLED screen, and the ease of getting into wattage/voltage mode, this unit is one for everyone who vapes at any level. Getting into wattage mode you hold the fire button and (+) button for three seconds. To get into Voltage mode, you hold the fire button and (-) button down for three seconds and you are in voltage mode. Soooo easy!! To flip the screen you hold both (+&-) buttons for three seconds. And finally it has a 15 second shut off to help protect from overheating. It is being released in two different kits at this time. One kit will come with the new updated version of the Isub tank, the Isub G with removable mouthpiece, and Pyrex glass instead of plastic. The other kit comes with their new Isub APEX tank that gives you both mouth to lung, or straight to lung options. Either way you go, you will surely be surprised of the quality and power you get in this little unit.

    Now, not everything can be perfect for everyone, and for me there were a few things that I was either disappointed in, or thought should be mentioned. First, the biggest thing for me, and the only thing I personally was disappointed in was that they didn’t put the switch on the bottom to turn the unit off so that it couldn’t be accidently be turned on while packed away traveling. That is the main reason that I have, and will continue to travel with my original Cool Fire IV. The two things I think should be mentioned is although it has a spring loaded positive pin and all my tanks and rda’s make contact, there is a little gap between some, but not all. It seemed mostly rda’s that had the gap. And lastly, although it is sleek and comfortable in the hand, this device is a little thicker, and the edges seem a little sharp. Now I have fat hands, so it could be just me, but I had to mention it. I would also like to start seeing them incorporate stealth mode into their devices in the future.

    Out of all the products I review, Innokin’s are as well put together as the best of them, and their packing is always top notch. The machining is always nice and clean, and their usually is no oils or other particulates that need to be dealt with before you can enjoy your vaping. And now they have Ni200 and Clapton coils available for their tanks.

    So now that MY opinion is out of the way, let me show you the specs on this device, and what it comes with. I also have links to pictures of this device, and links to where you can buy one for yourself below.

    Pics of this product:

    Buy it here:

    Cool Fire IV Plus Features:

    • 6 to 70W Total Output
      • .1 to 3.5 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
      • Adjustable in .5W Increments
    • 2 to 7.5V Output
      • Adjustable in .1V Increments
    • Built In 3300 mah Battery
      • Tremendous Battery Life for Form Factor
    • Full OLED Screen
      • Two Line Display
      • Atomizer Resistance
      • Output Wattage
      • Output Voltage
      • Battery Life Indicator
      • Screen Flip Option
    • Spring Loaded Brass 510
      • Stainless Steel Thread Points
    • Three Button Adjustment
      • Wide Area Firing Button
      • Tri LED Battery Life Feedback Indicator
    • 1A Micro USB Charging Port
    • Pass-through Technology
      • Vape While Charging
    • Overheat and Over discharge Protections
    iSub G Features:

    • No-Spill Coil Swap System
    • 0.5 ohm iSub Coil - 20w to 35w
    • Incredible Vapor and Flavor Production
    • Stainless Steel Integrated Wide bore Drip Tip
    • 4.5 Milliliter Capacity
    • 12 mm by 3 mm Dual Adjustable Airflow Slots
    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • High Quality Glass Tank
    • 22mm in Diameter

    Product Includes:

    • One Cool Fire IV Plus 70W
    • One iSub G Tank
      • Additional 0.5 ohm Kanthal Coil
    • Micro USB Charging Cable
    • Additional O-Rings and Seals
    • User Manual
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    Thanks for the review. It's a good looking mod. I know you said the device was a bit thicker - can you tell me its approximate dimensions and weight? Thanks!
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    Size: 86.5mm x 41.5mm x 25.0mm
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