Crown II V5 coils (.25, .50, .80 Ohm) Review

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    The new crown to coils are finally out and are a vast improvement over the previous versions. The big improvement that everybody will definitely like is the leaking issue has been resolved. When I would fill up my tank and leave it open for any length of time afterwards, it would lose all of it the liquid through the air holes. After filling up the tank with the new coil installed, I left the top off for approximately 45 minutes and no liquid came out of the air holes and the first draw was not gurgly. I tried this with all three resistances. Also another major issue that people were having with the previous versions of the coils was dry hitting. This also has been resolved. I have ran about 50 mL of the liquid through H resistance coil without a problem and they have held up remarkably well. What was really nice is that I did not have to soak the coils every night to get them to perform as they should. All I had to do as primed them per manufacturer instructions included with the tank. I should get down to the most important thing flavor.

    One of the big issues that I really hated was the long break in period that I had to tolerate a cottony taste that would usually last about two tanks. I was very amazed that there was no cottony case right from the get go with the .25 and the .50 Ohm coils and only a brief cottony taste during the break in for the .8 Ohm coil. The .8 Ohm coil lost its cottony taste within the wattage ramp up time. The flavor is much improved over the version 4 coils as far as flavor. The version four coils seem to bring out more of the sweetness of the E liquid where the version five brings out more of a balance of all the flavors that are contained in my E liquids.

    The .25 Ohm coil are rated to operate between 60 and 80 W and deliver ample warm vapor and detailed flavor. I tried these coils using the Crown II tank and the new SE1 Tank on a DNA 200 mod and a Wismec Rx200s Mod. I noticed that the flavor was better using the Wismec Rx200s since it automatically locks the cold OHMs. Regardless, I thought the flavor was spectacular. The only way you can lock cold 0HMS with a DNA product is to have it and temperature control mode. This is technically not an option with the crown coils at this time since they do still use nickel legs on their coils. There are some custom TCR profiles out there That work pretty good that you can try. In wattage mode I have been vaping at 73 W to get my best results.

    The .5 0HM coils are rated to operate between 50 and 70 W and deliver a slightly cooler vapor and Excellent flavor. I tried these coils using the Crown II Tank. As with the .25 0HM coils the resistance fluctuates so it seems they are best used with a mod that will lock the resistance To get the best performance out of them. I did try them on my DNA 200 mod but did not feel that the flavor was as good as when I was using my Wismec Rx200s. The The .5 Ohm coil cooler vapor with ample vapor. And the flavor experience was very accurate. In wattage mode I have been vaping at 60 W to get my best result .

    The .8 Ohm coil’s are rated to operate between 35 and 55 W and delivers a very very cool vapor experience. These coils seem to do better with lighter flavors such as ones that I purchased from Virgin Vapor. Ones that require lower wattages. The flavor is good with these coils though it is less of a sub ohm experience. They did work great with all of my mods including my DNA 200. They taste really good with organic flavors because The vapor is so cool. I would to keep these on hand because I purchase organic E liquids that do not do so well in sub OHM tanks.

    I have been using the E- liquids from O'Malley's Diner “Iced & Sliced” and Coiled “Dirty Banana” and “The Factory” and Virgin Vapors “ Razzmataz” and “ strawberry lime cooler”.

    In conclusion I think Uwell has finally got the coil straightened out As I knew they would because this is a company that is always striving to do better. The only thing that they need to do now is get rid of the nickel leads on there a stainless steel coils so that we can start using them in temperature control mode. That would be the icing on top of the cake.
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