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    Project Sub-Ohm Saucecode Tank
    With the Saucecode Tank’s bottom crossed dual coil design, Availability to use several other coils, a spill-proof top-fill system, and adjustable quad-airflow, this Project Sub-Ohm tank is an interesting tank indeed, but definitely has some issues.
    Vapordna has been producing amazing products based on what vapers are seeking in the market. From rebuildable atomizers to sub-ohm tanks, vapordna and its Project Sub-Ohm line has definitely made a name for itself in the vape industry. But this tank is not one of their best.
    . According to the vapordna website, the Saucecode Tank combines the “best and most effective qualities for the ultimate in user experience and flavor production.” The coil heads use large 4mm airflow holes alongside two superior forms of wicking and a 6mm barrel to maximize airflow and flavor preservation.
    Now, let me tell you MY thoughts. First, the tip was the worst tip I have gotten on a tank. It was loose, and so short that my mouth touches the tank when I draw. Second, the coil that comes with the tank is tasteless, and takes forever to break in. I ended up using the sense herakles coils which were much better. Third, the airflow ring is so loose, it spins all the time, causing me to set my airflow on every hit. Fourth and final, the way the tank is designed, juice gets stuck between the glass and the inside of the tank, making it a pain to clean. I like the top fill, and the chimney cut off, but that’s about it. For what you pay (Around $25), there are many other tanks that do a much better job.
    Saucecode Features
    • 304 Stainless Steel
    • 22mm Diameter Pyrex Glass with 304 Stainless Steel Reinforced Framing
    • 4.5ml Tank Capacity
    • PEEK Insulator
    • Copper 510 Connection for Maximum Conductivity
    • 304 Stainless Steel Shorty Wide bore Drip Tip
    • Leak Proof Top Fill System
    • Dual Action Juice Control System
    • BXDC Sub-Ohm Coil Crossed Dual Coil Structure
      • Two Wicking Materials
      • Cross Compatibility with Aspire Atlantis and Eleaf MELO Coil Heads
      • Quad 4mm Diameter Base Airflow Intake for maximum air delivery
    • RBA Head
      • Fine Tune and Customized Vape Experience
      • Cross Compatibility with Aspire Atlantis and Eleaf MELO Bases
    • Adjustable Quad Airflow Measuring 6mm x 3mm Each
    • 6mm Full Barrel Diameter for Maximal Flavor and Airflow
    • Sleek, Refined, and Heavy Duty Look and Feel
    • Iconic Project Sub-Ohm™ Engraving
    • 100% Solely Designed, Engineered, and Developed in the USA by Project Sub-Ohm™!

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