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    Okay, so we got our first order of the Smok TFV4 tanks in today. Being a new and unique tank, I had to get one, and I figured I'd share my experience with you guys.

    At first's BIG and HEAVY! This isn't a drawback for me...but it may be for some with smaller, lighter mods.

    The next thing you'll notice is that the coils are unusally large. It's approximately the size of a .45 cal bullet..or to make it a bit's roughly as tall as a Mutation X v3 and about 2/3 the's BIG!

    The triple coil design is the first of it's kind in the industry. With 3 individually wrapped coils measureing in at around .20-.23 ohms, this thing screams RDA killer. The triple coil's operating range is 30-130 watts.

    The setup of this tank is basically the same as any other sub ohm want to put a few drops of juice on the head of each coil before filling the tank...which by the a top fill.

    Now...there are several videos on YouTube that claim that you need to soak the coil for 24 hours prior to cranking it up. However, I found this to be a bit extreme. I didn't soak it at all, just set it up like any other tank. I first hit it at 40w, then 80w...then said "screw it" and cranked it to 130w. At every wattage, the tank performs flawlessly. No burning or bad taste, even at 130w.

    In addition to the triple coils, the TFV4 also comes with a spare quad coil...yes a quad. The quad coil is good up to 140 watts.

    The TFV4 also comes with an RTA deck for those who prefer to build their own coils. The build deck is MUCH larger than most RTA decks and has very deep wicking channels for cotton.

    The tank is available by itself or in a full kit. We got the full kits which includes a spare coil, spare glass, RTA build deck, spare seas, a screwdriver, and two shock rings (white and black).

    Overall, I give the Smok TFV4 a 5/5. It does all that is advertised and then some. I will continue to use the tank until I manage to burn the coil out so I can post an expected coil life....we are expecting 4-6 weeks.
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