Project Sub Ohm Silverplay V2

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    I've been using this Silverplay V2 for a couple of days now, and here is how the improvements show up in the vape.

    1. The wicking is vastly improved. The wider juice channels allow for you to really turn up the watts without getting burnt hits. It also makes it a much "wetter" vape than the V1.

    2. The airflow is also wider, but can be adjusted down to match the V1, so obviously you will only get this feature if you want it.

    3. The juice level is much easier to see with the larger glass tank. Of course, this also comes with the stainless tank so again this option will only apply if you want it to. On the plus side, the SS tank is a workable option on this one since you will only get a dry hit if the tank is empty and thus you will know when you need to refill.

    Additionally, it comes with the different cosmetic options for setup seen in the image below.

    As much as I am loving this tank, I have to say that it it probably takes second place to the UD Zephyrus tank simply because that tank comes with replaceable heads if you don't feel like building. If this option isn't important to you, than the Silverplay V2 might be a better option because it is a nicer looking tank (imo) and performs just as well as the Zephyrus in rebuildable mode.

    Here it is on my Agent mod.


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