Kooper Mini Debacle

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    I got this as a gift from a person who was very aware I could not use ego pens as an option to start vaping. I'm just the kind of guy that would find the limitations of a started ego pen and just carry on smoking cigarettes. So I am very happy to have been introduced to the hobby and see it is an effective was for me to quit smoking, but, this box has garbage for firmware. I don't mean that there is glitchy behavior, I mean it's flawed and is terribly inefficient communication between the IC and the battery, and you're lucky to get 50% use from your supply. The fix for this is to upgrade the firmware on the IC, as it has provided a port to flash it.
    Koopor, in their infinite wisdom created an update process that is not available to users, and therefore must be shipped to a supplier to upgrade (or fix in this case) the firmware. That sucks, but oh well. At least a company will make up for their mistakes by easing the burden on the customer over their mistakes... But whats this? I have you pay the postage for both transports out of my pocket, along with the fact I will have nothing to use to vape on in the meantime of travel time, plus (what a representative had told me) a week for the processing of he upgrade? By the way, It's rumored they only decided to fix the broken code so quickly because of the pressure and nasty remarks they'd received, otherwise, they were going to sit on it, not caring.
    Now, at this point, I'm so worked up, I don't remember where I was going, but I wanted to post a message adding my personal experience to the Koopor Mini debacle. In short, because of this completely apathetic attitude from Smok and Koopor, I'm not buying any more of their stuff until we get the apology we deserve. I hope the readers will consider not supporting the companies so willing to shrug off their mistakes without regard for our troubles.

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