Who do we believe on health issues?

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    Who do we believe on health issues?

    "To meat or not to meat: that is the question. Whether ’tis wiser to suffer deprivation or ignore “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.”

    The dizzying array of expert “advice” for achieving longevity now rivals auto-industry recalls. Just when we settle into our medical comfort zone, we’re zapped by yet another turnabout.

    Hormone therapy, mammograms, hysterectomies, back surgery, antibiotics, statins, vitamins, canned goods, food additives and pesticides once customary, are now suspect or ill-advised.

    Waiting in the wings: cell phone radiation, vaping, farmed fish, plastics, toxic mattresses and “stress,” due to the uncertainly of what, if anything, is truly beneficial and safe.

    Heads or tails should suffice.

    Paula Ann Costis, Fresno"

    This is true on so many levels. A simple, short article that uses few words to say a lot about what we (mankind) worry about. How long ago was the cell phone radiation scare? Yet, nothing has been done to change anything with the phones. Why? It does not take away a lot of money from the politicians, health care industry and tobacco industry. But, it is these exact reasons that vaping is being targeted. It is not really a health issue, but a large scale financial issue. After all if more people vape, tobacco sales go down, if tobacco sales go down then so do the health industry profits and if tobacco sales go down and health industry profits go down, then the politicians will not be receiving the lobbyist and special interest money. If the politicians start to loss money, then they will start voting in accordance with the special interest groups, in order to keep collecting that money.
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    Totally agree with you, Jeff. Look at TTIP. But the pastiche in that article was terrible!

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