Chemicals Linked to Lung Disease Have Been Found in More Vaping Liquids

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    Chemicals Linked to Lung Disease Have Been Found in More Vaping Liquids: excerpts from link - "But the news will likely cause concern for the vaping community at large, which has been discussing the potential risks of diacetyl for the last seven years. Three vapers even recently filed a class action lawsuit against a major e-liquid manufacturer, claiming it lied to consumers about the levels of diacetyl and acetyl propionyl in its products."


    "Some vapers try to avoid these chemicals by ditching dessert flavors and seeking out liquids that are labelled diacetyl-free, but this new research pokes major holes in that strategy. Not only did it show that diacetyl isn’t limited to dessert flavors, but it also showed a great deal of variance within brands, indicating how difficult it is to be sure a flavor is truly diacetyl-free. Whether you go for “Crunch Berry” or “Peace Pipe,” until we have more information, no flavor can be guaranteed safe."

    This is not new news, this has been going on for years and as more studies come out, more information becomes available either to support or disagree with the previous studies. This article was published in Sept. 10, 2015 and leads up to the above article and includes this excerpt: “Diacetyl is a respiratory toxin, so when you breath it in, it irritates the lungs,” said Jessica Barrington-Trimis, a researcher at the University of Southern California and the Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science. “That’s not a problem if you’re eating it because it doesn’t get into the lungs at all.”
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    The good old diacetyl arguments have come back to haunt us have they! Lucky for me I don't normally go for too many creamy ones but popcorn lung just grosses me out
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    We have to be careful not to blow everything out of proportion, though, as this graph amply demonstrates:
    popcorn lung.jpg

    (full article here)
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