Wi-Fi 'Allergies': Is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Real?

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    Wi-Fi 'Allergies': Is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Real?

    excerpt from above: "
    Testing reactions

    In Rubin's 2009 paper, he looked at studies analyzing symptoms and investigating triggers in more than 1,000 people who reported having electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

    He concluded in the paper that "repeated experiments have been unable to replicate this phenomenon under controlled conditions."

    It may be that Wi-Fi isn't the culprit, but that something else is to blame for people's symptoms, Rubin said. A number of health and environmental conditions, different for each individual, could be responsible.

    Another factor at play could be the "nocebo effect," in which a person's belief that exposure to EMF triggers symptoms actually causes the real symptoms to appear, even if no exposure occur has occurred, he added."

    Just when I think that I have run out of stupid stuff to find on the internet, I run into an article like this.

    Then I looked at RationalWiki and found this: "They should all be dead

    The ultimate problem with the argument for electromagnetic hypersensitivity as an actual illness is that if it were an actual condition, people suffering from the condition would have died long ago, or be in constant pain. The civilized parts of the world are blanketed with electromagnetic signals from radio and satellite signal transmissions. Between AM/FM broadcasts, ham radio transmissions, C-,Ka- and Ku-band transmissions for television and satellite internet signal, GSM and CDMA cellular transmissions, GPS signals and any manner of private or government signals, most of them significantly stronger than the signals produced by individual cell phones or WiFi endpoints, people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity would be unable to leave their own yards, let alone their own houses, without writhing in hideous agony.

    Additionally, electrical devices in general, including DC devices such as flashlights and kids' toys and AC devices that plug straight into the wall, and even the wiring in the walls, give off electromagnetic radiation, no matter how strong the shielding on the cables might be."

    Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has information on this and many other electrical devices: "Electromagnetic fields and public health

    Physicians: Treatment of affected individuals should focus on the health symptoms and the clinical picture, and not on the person's perceived need for reducing or eliminating EMF in the workplace or home. This requires:
    • a medical evaluation to identify and treat any specific conditions that may be responsible for the symptoms,
    • a psychological evaluation to identify alternative psychiatric/psychological conditions that may be responsible for the symptoms,
    • an assessment of the workplace and home for factors that might contribute to the presented symptoms. These could include indoor air pollution, excessive noise, poor lighting (flickering light) or ergonomic factors. A reduction of stress and other improvements in the work situation might be appropriate."

    So here is my "FOOD FOR THOUGHT" from these articles. These people are not incapacitated to the point that they can not vote. They just can not go near any device the uses electrical power, emits/receives electrical power or stores electrical power. It is still possible for them to vote via early ballots that are mailed to their houses. So they do not have to go near any devices that might cause them "harm/pain", yet they can vote against vapers using devices that require electricity. To them it is a save the world from electricity, not vaping issue? So are they voting against vapers? Are there enough people with this issue to effect a vote? There are obviously enough to cause an article or two to be written and studies to be conducted.

    Ahh, I forgot to go make a Tin Foil Hat and to wrap my mod box in tin foil as well before starting to write this...be right back...
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