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    よろしくお願いします。 はじめまして。 Nice to meet you. How do you do?
    I'm learning Japanese にポンごand I'm practicing here, too.

    わたしわ Sill Roman サン
    I am Roman Sill.

    I am new to the community. I didn't want to consider the idea of vaping to quit smoking because of how I'd seen beginers struggle with starter kits. I am the type of person that is sometimes better off running a little deeper into the fire- vaping being one case.
    As of now, I use a mini box with a tfv4 mini by Smok, and have begun the process of supplying my wife and I with the materials to make our own juices.
    I was and still am very surprised by the effectiveness vaping has had on my smoking habits. I believe I will soon quit nicotine all together.
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