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    The first time I ever tried in e-cigarette was at the end of the year 2009. It was more curiosity than anything else that drove me to buy it at my local tobacco shop. It was 16 mg cappuccino flavored e-cigarette that, to tell you the truth, did not really satisfy my urge to smoke. The cappuccino flavor was very good, but right after popping on it, I found myself lighting up a cigarette. These little electronic cigarettes always felt like I was puffing on air. Just like I was smoking an ultralight cigarette. Ultralight cigarettes always made me want to smoke more too. Discouraged, I left it alone for probably about another year before I tried it again.

    Towards the end of 2010, I was admitted to the hospital with a brain tumor. Of course, they did not allow you to smoke in the hospital. I was going crazy for cigarette, So a friend bought and electronic cigarette for me to use while I was in there. It was one of the types that uses the cartridges that are filled with wax. Having to rely on it, it actually satisfied my craving. Of course I was puffing on it almost constantly. Once I was out of the hospital, I started to researching e-cigarettes and found that there were many options that had sprung up in just a year. My first reusable, rechargeable unit that I bought was a , EGO style unit with a clearomizer. This was much better but I still found myself vacillating between cigarettes and e-cigarets. I bought my first tank in the middle of 2011. It was a Kanger Tech Aero Tank Mega with an Eleaf 20W Mod.
    At this point, I felt a little hope. After raping with this unit I felt a lot more satisfied. I finally realized that it wasn’t so much that I wasn’t getting enough nicotine, it was that I wasn’t getting enough volume of vapor. I was now fascinated with vapIng and the technology available.

    I was still occasionally smoking, So I continued doing research about all the different technology out there. I discovered Sub-Ohming. This is what finally helped me break the cigarette habit! My first Sub-Ohm tank was the Uwell Crown. It was all over after that. The vaping bug bit. I have about 9 RDTA, 11 RDA, 3 tube mods, 5 Regulated mods, including some that I built, and three series boxes.

    At this point in time, vaping has become as much a hobby as it is a health choice. I enjoyed building custom Coils and modding. I also review new products when I purchase them or when they are provided to me by the manufacturer. I also like helping others get started with vaping. I am definitely not an expert, but I am always willing to help.
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