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    Do you use VV (Variable Voltage) or VW (Variable Wattage)? Which do you prefer to use most often? Personally, I use VV as I get set my box to 3.8V and vape all day regardless if I switch tanks and RDAs (with differing Ohm coils). Each Atty (Atomizer) has a different set up need and I hate running up and down the wattage scale, when I can just set the voltage and go.

    The newer box mods coming out are VW/TC (Temperature Control) and do not have a VV option. Yes, I understand it is about SAFETY, but TC has not been fully tested and used. It is still relatively new. Hell, they are still discussing which wire is the best. SS (Stainless Steel) being the last one I saw discussed about how it can be used in place of Kanthal A1 or Nickel/Titanium, thereby being 'the one' wire to fit all.

    I am not sure yet and will be waiting this one out. I will keep vaping on my mech (Cherry Bomber) and regulated (iStick 100W) boxes for now and into the future, while waiting out the "next big thing' for 'the next big proven thing'.
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    I use variable wattage at the moment when using drippers but tanks I tend to use temp controlled.
    It's great being able to never get that dry hit but it's a bit of a pain with RDAs as you're constantly dripping to try and retain full flavor and vapor. I'm sure some will disagree with me but that's just my experience. To be fair I tend to keep changing as a market as crazy as vaping is constantly evolving and new kit and ideas flood in every day :D
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    VW for me but I'm looking to get into TC

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