USV L 75w Mod, Puff Avatar RS75 and Steam Engine 75W Mod, Which one is the best?

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    USV L is a 75w single 18650 vape device that is not only sleek and stealthy but packs a punch with the VO chip hidden within it's Aircraft Aluminum body. The doors of both sides can be slide easily(same features like LMC 200W Mod). This simple but function device is fully adaptable to various mode such as POWER mode, BYPASS mode, TC mode and VPC mode. No matter you are a beginner or a seasoned vaper, you must appreciate the craftsmanship of this USV device and its attention to design detail that makes this mod a flagship contestant in this same-spec category. It’s only $69.99 and free shipping on Urvapin, just get it via this link: USV L 75W Mod


    Puff Avatar RS 75W mod adopts a DNA75 chip. This mod can reach a maximum wattage output of 75w. Though its explosiveness is not so strong, it can still produce big vapor, even powered by only one 18650 battery. Pictures below show the vapor produced at 75w and 30w. Personally, when it’s under 75w, the vapor is much bigger; when it’s under 30w, the the flavor is much bigger. It’s on sale at Urvapin, $109.79 and free shipping, just get it via this link: PUFF Avatar RS 75W


    Vapeman STEAM ENGINE DNA75 Box Mod is a compact kit covered in premium leather to provide a strong cyber-punk inspired look. With the help of this updated DNA75 chipset, Vapeman STEAM ENGINE also supports highly advanced temperature control using titanium01, nickel200, stainless steel coil builds. The whole construction is hand-trimmed and meticulously fitted to your hands, offering a superb hand feel and grip. You can booking it on Urvapin with $89.99 and enjoy free shipping, just following this link: VapeMan Steam Engine 75W.


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