Do you really need it?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jeff, Sep 16, 2015.

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    As I have been reading around the internet and from talking to some people at local shops, I have seen some really nice set ups and reviews to go with them. I understand the "oh, nice, shiny" mentality as I am guilty of it myself. I use a Cherry Bomber box mod (mech or unregulated box) and it works just fine. I have some things sitting in the "wish list" category, but nothing that I have purchased yet, except a folding pipe mod for situational/mobile vaping. Some people have posted pictures of their collections and I have to wonder if #1: you have been vaping for so long that you have just accumulated all the devices #2: you are seriously out buying the latest and greatest devices #3: you are a collector and have a "show case" type collection.

    I have to ask the question "Do you really need it?" Is the industry changing so rapidly that older mech mod style boxes are just not "the thing" anymore or is there truly an advantage to the vaper to have some of the newer nods that are available?

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