Developing UWELL Crown tank issues

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by netpez, Jan 11, 2017.

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    Hey all!

    I have had the Crown (not crown 2) subtank for about 8 months. Everything started off well, and I was very satisfied with the product. During the course of the last couple months however, I have had an increase in 2 issues.

    The first issue is an increase in burning the coils. Just to note, I have been vaping the same juice flavors as I did when I started, and I do break in my coils (0.5) by starting off at 30 and eventually working my way up to 50 watts. I have heard of some people believing that the cotton is too tightly packed, causing the wicking to become a bit more inefficient. Not sure, but damn you can't get that taste out of your mouth.

    My 2nd issue has been with leaking. This has become very frustrating. After thoroughly cleaning my tanks (usually after 2 weeks use), and replacing the coil, I go through the process of priming the coils, and then filling them (only about 75%), and usually leave them overnight to fully prime. I will say that over the past month or so, about 35-45% of these instances have come back to half the juice leaked into the base. Please note, that I firmly tighten these coils the same way since day 1.

    Does anyone know if manufacturing of these coils has changed in anyway in the past 2-3 months? There is obviously something different about the coils now versus when I started. My wife and I both vape, and each have 3 crowns, so the waste is starting to become very expensive, when this issue happens so frequently.

    Again, from our side nothing has changed since we started with this product in terms of juices, and methods to clean, change coils and prime. I have even changed o-rings to see if that is the issue, but clearly in terms of the leaking, there is no changeable o-ring where the coil screws into the base, and that appears to be where the leaking is occurring. I really loved this product when initially using it, but lately I am considering moving to another product.

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