Vaping Alaska w/ShiJin Vapor Phoenix Tears Eliquid

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    Nov 3, 2015
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    As usual, let me start by saying that this item was sent to me for review for you. As usual I will give you my honest opinion of this item good or bad….so let’s go!

    So this juice was quite the surprise for me. The first juice I tried from this company was so overpowering with cinnamon, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Here is the description from the manufacturer.

    “Freshly Baked cinnamon sugar cookies filled with vanilla custard and topped with a strawberry cream that will be refreshed with every hit.”

    The cinnamon in this juice was very faint at most. The vanilla is tasted on the exhale, more than the inhale. It has no throat hit at all for ME. It is one of those juices you vape when you want a change from your normal juice for sure. It has a very unique strawberry flavor that I haven’t quite placed my finger on yet. As a private juice maker, I wouldn’t quite know where to start to try to make this one. It is a 85/15 VG/PG ratio, so it throws very thick clouds. It is a little thick for tanks sometimes, so NO chain vaping this one in tanks. It comes with a nice pump top for easy refill. This one worked much better than the last bottle I tried. It’s not an one in MY opinion that you would vape all day, but definitely one you want around for that refreshing change of pace. They hit a home run with this one for ME. I have been enjoying it on these cold Alaskan days recently. It will make your mouth water!

    So saying all of that, Here is a few places you can get yours!$11.99 /15ml$21.99/30ml$22.00/30ml

    This comes in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength. Also in 15ml and 30 ml sizes.

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