Vaping Alaska...Lazarus Vintage NEFERTITI Ejuice Review

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    As usual, let me start by saying this product was sent to me to review for you. I will always give my honest opinion good or bad… let’s go!!

    This is from their VALLEY OF THE KINGS line. So my first impression by the smell was more of a light chocolate, with a hint of coconut. After vaping it for a while, the chocolate became a little less noticeable, and the toasted coconut flavor is what I picked up. The unfortunate thing for ME is that the aftertaste was too much like coffee, which I can’t stand. I managed to vape it quite a bit though being the flavor is so mild throughout. I taste a little Almond flavor, but not much at all. I also taste a hint of what tasted like marshmallow. Here is the description from the manufacturer.

    “The kind arid sweetness discovered in Egyptian desserts shine through a variety of lightly toasted flavors like almonds and vanilla. Considered a lady of grace and a sweetness of love, Nefertiti inspired this elixir to warm your senses”

    I spoke with the manufacturer, and they said it is MAX VG, which I take to be around 90/10. They steep their juice for three weeks, so it is ready to vape as soon as you have it in your grasp. I would put this in the category for people who like coffee vapes, and lightly flavored dessert vapes. It doesn’t have a bad flavor at all, it’s just the aftertaste of coffee that gets ME, and this is only MY opinion. It definitely is one that chucks some steam out of an RDA.

    Available in 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg strengths.

    Available in 30ml, 60ml, 120ml sizes

    Here are a few links for you so grab some for yourself!

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