ShiJin Vapors "Tortoise Blood" Ejuice Review

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    Again I want to thank Tom at Shijin Vapor for sending me their line to review for you. This is an 85/15 (vg/pg) juice that is steeped and ready to vape as soon as you get it. It is labeled as “An everlasting, impenetrable flavor of Blue Raspberry and Green Apple blended with sweet Sherbet”. I know they get a little carried away with their descriptions these days, and usually you end up not tasting anything like what they describe. This juice for me was just that kind of instance for me. Was it bad…NO, but it didn’t taste anything like what I was thinking after the description.

    First, I was vaping this in my Velocity RDA with dual coils running .2 ohms. I was using my IPV4S and running it at around 52W. Now this was one of the few times that having the pump bottle wasn’t an issue because the Velocity with vertical coils is easy to wick up, but I always recommend buying the glass bottle from them if you decide to purchase.

    As usual I was vaping the 3mg level and getting no throat hit at all. This is a smooth crisp vape that tastes like biting into a Granny Smith apple. I really don’t taste much but the apple, but it’s the freshest green apple vape I have tried yet. Now is it one I could vape all day no, but it’s definitely one of those you have around when your wanting something different to wake up your taste buds. With the high VG it gives great dense clouds that really make your mouth water. Like I said the green apple is the main flavor I taste, but the Blue Raspberry and Sherbet just smooth out the aftertaste. It’s definitely one to have if you are a fan of Apple vapes.

    Below are the specs on this product, and a link to where you can buy some for yourself.

    Available in: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

    Available in: (Glass dripper)30ml, 60ml, 120ml/(pump)30l, 60ml, 100ml

    Available at:

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