Native Smoke Signals "AUTUMN SPICE" Ejuice Review

Discussion in 'Eliquid Reviews' started by mountainmanvape, Feb 24, 2016.

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    Nov 3, 2015
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    Now this is a product I won in a contest on facebook before Christmas. I was excited because it was 120mls of their pumpkin pie kinda flavor, and I haven’t really has the chance to try anything like it before. It was a 0mg max VG that really brought out some thoughts to mind. First off I get a little peeved when companies put 100% VG on the label, because I haven’t seen a “TRUE” 100% VG juice EVER!! Even when I buy my own VG to make juice its 99.7%, and flavoring cuts it down even more, but that’s a small issue, just put MAX VG and be done with it.

    Just let me say that I’m glad I won this juice, because if I would have paid for it I would have been PISSED OFF for spending the money on it. I pulled out by favorite atty(mutation x V4) and wicked her up with my Kendo Vape Cotton and was drippin away to try this juice, and it tasted like I just smoked a bowl of Potpourri! I tried vaping this at every wattage between 40W to 80W, and I couldn’t get anything but that pumpkin spice/Potpourri flavor. I even let it steep for another few weeks, and still got nothing but that strong spicy kinda flavor. I ended up mixing it with some PG and added more pumpkin and whipped cream to it, and finally got something taste wise I could vape and enjoy. All I can say is that if this juice represents this company, I wouldn’t buy anything without getting a 5ml sample or something.

    Now before you think it, I know it was free, but so are the other samples I review and if it’s a product that I have an issue with, I’m going to let people know. I am a reviewer, and an honest one. I try each juice I review in tanks, rdas, and mouth to lung style atomizers, and I just couldn’t vape this juice the way it came, and if I didn’t make my own juice and have the flavors to fix it, I would have given it away to someone else who would have probably thrown it away. If you’re going to have a contest and give away a juice, it should be one that best represents your company so that person would want to try more and let others know. Now my impression of these people is poor, and I would not look to them for juice if I were a regular consumer. I don’t know the site to get their juice, and don’t have any info on sizes and nicotine levels available.

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