Lazarus Vintage PHOENIX Ejuice review

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    I would like to thank Lazarus Vintage for sending me their Ejuice to review for you. As always I will give my honest opinion good or bad….so let’s go!!!

    So this juice is described by the company as so,”Cast iron brandy seared apples with a cinnamon twist”. So, for me it had a very similar taste to their “LIGHTHOUSE” juice which I liked very much. This has a bit more of an Apple Cider taste, and when you go to higher wattage it has more of the brandy flavor come out. It carries a little bit of a tangy flavor on inhale and a nice apple flavor with a hint of Brandy on exhale. I’m not much into liquor flavors, but they seem to have really chosen the right flavors and mixed them well. This is a Max VG Ejuice that gives nice vapor and great flavor. I was vaping the 3mg strength, and had very little throat hit at all. Even though I’m not big into alcohol flavored ejuice, I would have no problem paying for this because of the great apple taste they have come up with.

    Below is a listing of the nicotine strengths available, and sizes available. Also there is a link so you can check it out for yourself. ENJOY!!

    Nicotine Availability: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg

    Available in: 30ml, 60ml, 120ml
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    This is definitely on my list now!
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    Agreed. I'm not a huge fan of the alcoholic flavors, but I think this one is worth a try!
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