Lazarus Vintage LIGHTHOUSE Ejuice Review

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    Let me first start by saying this item was sent to me for review for you. I will always give my honest opinion good or bad… let’s go!

    This is Lazarus Vintage’s version of APPLE PIE. Here is their description:

    “With a hint of warm apple pie, Light house is a beacon of sweetness in a world of spice. Imagine an exquisite dining hall dripping with the most exclusive desserts of the world, now trap it into a Lazarus bottle and take it home. A Sir James favorite, lighthouse will always brighten your path.”

    When I was testing this product, I was using a Mutation X rda with dual coils running .33ohms, pushing 55w with airflow wide open. When I first started on this Ejuice, there was something familiar about the taste to me. It wasn’t the apple pie it was supposed to be, but something close that brought me back to my youth. This Ejuice to ME has the taste of what we call in the south “FRIED APPLES”. Most city folk would probably refer to it as “CARAMELIZED APPLES”. Either way, it is awesome to ME. This is one of the first juices I have received that I had to take it out to some store owners for sample before I vaped the whole bottle. I now only have enough to do my video because everyone who tried it felt the same as I did. We didn’t taste any pie crust or anything else, but very good Fried Apple taste! This is definitely a juice I could vape all day long. This also had no throat hit for me vaping on 3mg nicotine. It is a max VG juice, so I would say 90/10 or 85/15, but I had no issues wicking in any device I tried.

    So if you love the taste of FRIED APPLES, or CARAMELIZED APPLES, then you will want this Ejuice in your collection. I had the 30ml bottle, so I recommend buying the 120ml so it will last more than a few days!

    Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg

    Available in sizes 30ml, 60ml, 120ml

    Here is where you can buy Lazarus Vintage LIGHTHOUSE for yourself:

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