Lazarus Vintage "JADE" Ejuice Review

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    This was sent to me to review for you from the manufacturer. As always I will give my honest opinion good or bad… let’s go!!

    This is supposed to be a Peach Cobbler flavor ejuice, and as usual is a MAX VG juice that comes fully steeped. I was vaping on the 3mg sample which had no throat hit at all. Now…here is the weird thing about this juice. I tried it first in an RDA running dual coils, .3ohms and running at 43W and it tasted like Grapefruit, and everyone said it smelled like some kind of grape. I turned the wattage up and down and could not get anything tasting like peach to me. So, I pulled out the Smok TFV4 with the quad coils in it and BOOM!!!! This has the sweetest peach taste I’ve tried in a while. I have no idea why it tasted like grapefruit in an RDA, but in this Smok, it is an amazing peach flavored juice. You can taste a tiny bit of crusty type flavor and sweetness on inhale, and sweet peach on exhale. I have all the airflow wide open on the tank and the tip, but the taste I’m getting reminds me of stopping at one of those roadside stands and biting into a freshly picked peach.

    Now remember, for me I had to vape it out of my Smok to get the flavor I expected, and I have noticed that with a few of the juices that they sent me. So if you buy this or any of their juices just remember that if you are not getting the taste you expect, try a different atty. They have great blends, but sometimes you have to find that “Sweet Spot”.

    As usual I will list the specs on this product below, along with a link to where you can buy some for yourself.

    Available in: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg

    Available in: 30ml, 60ml, 120ml

    Buy it here:

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