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    Hello, and welcome to BombVapes vaping hardware and e-liquid reviews. Today I'll be delving into a lovely selection of e-liquids from the wizards over at Craft Vapes, kindly sent in for review by the very friendly folk at Vivd Vapes. Cheers guys!

    Introducing: Angry Apple, Crème Anglaise, Crisp Kiwi, Foggy Dew, Happiness, Icicle, Pipe Tobacco, Sacrè Bleu, and last but not least, Tropical Breeze. Let's get crafty.

    Liquid stats.
    Ratio: 50/50 PG/VG
    Nicotine: 3mg
    Price: 30ml £15.60
    Shipping: £3.90, free over £50

    Craft Vapes is a Los Angeles based company founded in 2013. Our quality e-Juice has been meticulously hand crafted to the highest of standards to produce flavors for every taste and occasion.

    After personal success in switching from tobacco smoking to vaping and experiencing the easy transition and instant benefits, our co-founders came together to share that experience and produce quality e-Juices for our customers. We embrace the small batch, hand crafted philosophy in every bottle of e-Juice.

    Our proprietary two stage flavoring and ageing process insures that our e-Liquid is packed with as much flavor as possible so that it tastes great the day it arrives.

    Whether you're a seasoned Vapor or just making the leap to e-Liquid, Craft Vapes has a flavor for you.

    All of our ingredients are made in the USA and responsibly sourced.


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