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    Hi everyone

    Signed up for this forum to hopefully be able to remedy a problem that I'm having. Here is my story

    First le me say that I am a smoker of 30 years and I am really trying hard to quit and start vaping.
    I have a 80 watt mod but I am vaping at 40 to 50 watts. I bought a 6 mg nicocotine coffe flavored eliquid from Victory which is great but I can't vape on it all day. EVERY other liquid I have bought makes me cough like crazy. I really want a smoky tabacco liquid that is smooth like the coffee flavor from Victory. I can get massive clouds from it, inhale it and I have zero coughing issues. But every other liquid that I have bought to change flavor makes me cough. I bought the expensive Black Note tabacco juice....coughing. Fruit flavor local stuff....coughing. The only thing that doesn't make me cough is the Victory Coffee flavored Ejuice.
    So then I read about nic salts and that it isn't harsh and that you get a much smoother vape. Bought a little all in one vape set up, the Aspire Breeze, and bought a bottle of Mr. salts tabacco flavor at 45 mg nic content. They said since the Aspire Breeze is not a sub ohm vape you should go higher with your nic content. I filled it, primed it and let it sit over night. Took a draw the next day and it was the harshest vape yet. Why can't I find a nic juice that doesn't make me cough other than the Victory coffee juice.
    I would really like to figure this out and I am desperate for answers.....Thanks in advance

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